Heat Source Pump Systems

Reasons why Heat Pumps can save you money and benefit to a cleaner enviroment.


Heat pumps are a tremendous way to heat your home and provide hot water in a cost effective and sustainable way.

Heat Pumps, in their various forms, take low grade energy from the earth or the atmosphere and convert it to high grade heat energy to be used within the home for hot water & heating.

As seen by the graphs the cost per 10kWH for both Air Source & Ground source pumps have a substantial cost saving.

Although the saving is currently marginal between Gas & HSP at todays prices this will only change in favour of HSP as fossil fuels are depleted and the cost of fuels rise.

With various "green" solutions available on the market and the benefits by switching your primary source of heating to a Heat Pump System you could reduce your heating cost from 55p to 29p per 10kWH, thats a saving of 48% based on indicative pricing at jan 2009.


Richard Green

Heat pumps have a much lower CO2 than traditional water heaters.

Domestic heating accounts for 35% of the overall UK Carbon emmisions of which 60% on average is accounted for by home heating systems. By switching to Heat Pump System it is possible to reduce your heating emmissions by 60% thus significantly reducing your overall household emmissions.

ICS/Delonghi Heat Pumps are tested and certified DEFRA giving you peace of mind.

More imformation of Delonghi HSPS can be found at :- ICS Website

There is no guarantee that you will achieve the exact reduction of CO2 emissions or cost savings illustrated.

RGB Services now as a approved installer & partner of ICS you can now have the reliability of a local installer with the backing of a industry leader in HSP technolodgy.

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For free site visits, install recomendations, estimates & enquiries please use the contact page or contact ICS direct refering to RGB Services as your prefered approved ICS installer.


Links and information on new ways to help the enviroment and your pocket...

Be Green!

Since 2006 the Department for Communities and Local Government launched the Code for Sustainable Homes - a new national standard for sustainable design and construction of new homes. More information can be found at the energy saving trust and for other in home information that can be found here.

Some great ideas that can not only help your pocket also help service providers and the enviroment towards a more ecological community.


Rain water Harvesting

Gardeners have been doing it for years with rain water butts which can be easily installed to harvest rain water from your roof but did you know that all karcher pressure washers can now run off of a water butt. So next time you clean the car, patio, UPVC house parts why not consider the good old water butt, were sure there are plenty more uses.

So why not expand on your water harvest system by installing a underground storage tank, these can vary in size but ultimatley the more you can store the less you are depleeting from the reservoirs and for those on a water meter you can cut down the cost by suppling back water services to your outside tap, toilets and washing machine.

As with most new infrastructures there is a cost of installation but harvesting kits are reducing in price as they become more recognised in the domestic market. A selection of complete kits can be found at water-tanks.net.

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